Give the girl…oops, guy…a break!


Why is everyone hell-bent on proving a talented young man to be gay, juvenile and (seriously??) female?!
I mean, I know he’s not the best singer there is…and yes, his voice was kinda girlish a while ago, but EVERY GUY’S VOICE WAS LIKE THAT AT SOME POINT OF TIME.
I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t hate him either. Fine, some of the jokes based on him are pretty hilarious, but the other are just plain mean. C’mon, give the guy a break!
I may feel that a certain British boy band with adorable members may have better songs than the guy in question, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a “directioner” or a “non-belieber”. That means I’m just choosy about my music.
Girls, grow up.
And guys, stop being insecure.
Give artists the credit they deserve.


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