Hostel Chronicles

“Wash your clothes, woman! They’ve been hanging in the washroom for two weeks!”

“Well, take less time having a bath then! You keep hogging the bathroom!”

“Will you two stop arguing and wash the dishes? ‘Cause I have a file to do!”

Most hostellers will recognize this as just one of those lovely exchanges between roommates. Living in that one room shared with a couple (or in my case, five) others is one of the best experiences one can have. It makes you grow as an individual. You learn to take responsibilities. You become strong and independent. You start doing all your work on your own and become the dream kid your parents always wanted…

Ah, who am I kidding? Hostel life is one thing and one thing only – fun.


No miraculous transformation takes place; you do not end up enveloped in a golden halo. Even if you wake up with the sun when at college, someone will still have to drag you out of bed in the morning when you’re home. You may wash your dishes and clothes and occasionally make the bed and fold the linen but your old room will still look like it was hit by a hurricane. However, fussy eaters sure are forced to expand their horizons.

Living in a hostel is really about getting along with people you barely know and building with them a “home away from home”. Your roommates or “roomies” become your little family. If one roomie’s jerk of a boyfriend breaks up with her, all the others will go to no end to get back at him. If one of them is sad because she misses home, they’ll all sit and tell funny family stories through their own tears. When someone in the room gets full in a test, there’ll be drinks – oops, coke all around! Preparations will be made much in advance for a midnight party on an unsuspecting roomie’s birthday. You become sisters, even if by default and not design.

It isn’t always smiles and happiness, though. There are fights, with lots of shouting, throwing of things, cold wars and a lot of action. But what’s a home without some good ol’ family drama? By the end of it all, you form the closest bonds and learn to love those dim-witted nincompoops, regardless of wanting to strangle them sometimes(and with good reason).

You not only get to know other people best when you live with them, but learn a lot about yourself, too, in the process. Hostel life is guaranteed to take your breath away, leaving you with many fond memories and deep-rooted friendships you will cherish all your life.


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