As the page is crumpled by a hand of flame

The darkness spreads

Like a shadow

Following the fire

Leaving but ashes

Of all that was

Of all that could have been

Every trace of possibility


The face looks at me

The face in the mirror

It trembles, it quakes

It threatens to fall forever

The eyes brim over

The heart whines

Repeatedly, helplessly

All it’s attempts, in vain

The voice calls from a distance

That voice

His voice

There is a scream

A sob

A wail

Of desperation

Of longing

I run

I fret

I search

The voice is my own

The desperation

The longing

All my own

I search

I fret

I run

I find nothing

Nothing but despair

Nothing but the despair in myself

The darkness engulfs

The mirror falls

and shatters

And the face

The face is shattered forever.


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