Any Other Night

She crouched behind the door, shaking, putting all her weight against it. His laboured breathing and incoherent muttering could still be heard from the other side.VIh4zBupbqh7mzbb3GEjLbRGo1_500
As unsteady footsteps neared the door, she curled up tighter, covering her head with her arms. He muttered something that sounded vaguely like her name. She uncovered her ears but did not stop shaking. He called her name, louder this time, and with a sense of urgency. A few minutes of silence ensued, followed by a fervent banging on the door as he screamed out to her, repeatedly. She shook violently with the door as sobs rattled her body from within. The banging did not stop, neither did the crying. With every blow, she dissolved in silent tears.
Suddenly, it stopped. The door shook no more; the fearsome screams tormented her no more. Between sobs giving way to hiccups, she gingerly got to her feet, wondering if he had passed out already. She slowly turned the handle and opened the door to a crack. All she saw before hurriedly snapping it shut again was a bottle hurled towards her at full force. It landed on the wood and shattered into small, jagged pieces, as did she. Pieces and all, she fell to the cold bathroom floor once more, sobbing herself to sleep, just like any other night.


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