The Last Time

cliff_jumpThe cold metal bar bit into her feet. Her long, black, sweaty hair blew in the angry wind. She looked down into the unforgiving darkness and heard the river throw itself against the pillars like an angry mob against a security line. The salty smell riding on the humid breeze tingled her nostrils, making her dress whip around her tiny frame like a lone flag caught in a storm. The city lights glittered in the distance, the orange horizon as though an entrance to hell had opened up in the ground, as though the flames of Mordor raged in the background,sinister and unforgiving.

Taking in the sights and smells for the last time, she closed her eyes; opening her arms wide as though to accept her fate, welcome it even, she took a step forward. The dark, foamy water rushed to meet her and engulfed her in an inescapable darkness, making her one with the night. One with the darkness.


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