The Perfect Holiday Packing Checklist

Off on vacation and wondering what to pack to meet all your travel requirements? Well, fret no more! The answer to all your packing woes is here, so put down that pen and paper(or quit Evernote) and just pay attention.

1. First things first – Clothes

This of course depends on the duration, nature and climatic conditions pertaining to your holiday and NO, it doesn’t have anything to do with gender, thanks to the age of unisex apparel. I have a few rules when it comes to packing clothes: take as many uppers as a couple minus the days of your vacation and one quarter as many lowers and sets of nightclothes, taking that you are not a movie star and you will repeat outfits. It however does differ for very long and very short holidays, for the former of which one must be sure to take some detergent so that you don’t have to repeat sweaty/soiled clothes. Pocket irons are easily available and prove very handy. Footwear is another area people tend to over-pack in. The ideal luggage should not have more than 2 pairs of footwear – one being comfy sneakers/running shoes/woodlands and the other, smart shoes/sandals(or wedges; I find them more comfy) for a night out.NNND1

2. Next – Cosmetics

Sun screen, lip balm, face wash, shampoo, deodorant, eye liner, a comb – that is IT. You do NOT need to carry your entire vanity bag with you considering everyday toiletries WILL be available at your destination, unless you’re off to the Amazon/Sahara/trekking in the Himalayas. And always remember to put all your liquids, gels and pastes in a sealed zip-lock to prevent the inside of your bag resembling a murder scene.

3. Also – Accessories

Now, this isn’t a very big problem area with men, but definitely is with the fairer sex. Jewellery should be as minimal as possible, with you wearing your daily studs and packing one pair of big hoops for the aforementioned event. Try not to keep anything too flashy or valuable in case of loss or theft, chances of which are increased when travelling. Belts should preferably be packed(rolled and kept in a shirt collar – helps keep the shape) than worn onboard a flight as most airport security WILL make you take it off(and that is super annoying).

4. Most important – Currency

For domestic travel, currency exchange will not be a concern but for when it is, remember that most airport money changers offer the most expensive exchange rates. Avoid getting your money changed at airports; rather, get to your hotel and ask for the cheapest local money changer. And as far as carrying money is concerned, don’t rely solely on plastic money; keep a good amount of cash(preferably in US dollars – gives you more for one) on your person, in a money belt worn under the waist band of your pants/jeans. This takes care of the rare circumstance of you being robbed of your bag or it having been misplaced by the airline, which is quite a common feat.IMG_0817

5. Random Essentials – Last but not the least

Vacations just feel incomplete without music and/or a good book. but the downside is that we end up over/under-packing. The best carrier for music is hands down an iPod, but an MP3 player would do just as well. Don’t rely on the music in your phone as you’ll end up spending most of your valuable battery while playing it. Take not more than 2 average sized books(not too thin, not too thick) so that they see you through your holiday(you can always borrow books from the resort common room/hotel library). Carry your earphones wrapped around a cylindrical object, if you don’t have a case for them. It’ll prevent them from getting tangled. Always keep a small diary and pen handy. Keep an extra charged phone battery and also a USB adapter which can charge your phone as well as your iPod(you obviously need the respective USB cables). A waterproof bag is quite useful as well, and can be bought at any sports /travel store.

And that should take care of most of your packing woes! Feel free to comment with your queries. I’ll get back as soon as possible.



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