It Makes My Blood Boil

Below are quoted a few comments I found in response to The Viral Fever’s video on eve teasing that I just couldn’t resist reacting to:

“…rape is a by-product of what women wear collectively. Miniskirts, tight leggings, cleavage-revealing tops, backless dresses, sarees with tiny blouses, skin tight and transparent clothes, there is no end to the way women dress today. This ignites lust in men.”

“Why do you think a man would rape an old woman? It is because he is filled with lust after having seen younger women in sexy clothes and he cannot fulfill his desire in a proper manner.”

“#NoShameNoChange. Things will start changing when women start feeling shame, which they already do when they dress indecently as I have noticed them fidget in clothing which they consider sexy, but they don’t want to admit it. When women feel shy undressing in front of their husbands, do they not feel shy revealing their bodies in public? Women are supposed to stay at home and take care of their husband, which is their first obligation. A woman’s body is for her husband to look at, no one else.”

“…men don’t tolerate attitude of any one, they are powerful, even u(the woman he was replying to) have to take help of men to protect urself, u need men, otherwise ur existence can b in danger”

And this, ladies and gentleman, defines the height of patriarchal society as we know it.

I, as all of the women reading this, am ASTOUNDED that educated men in today’s time could actually speak or even think on those lines.

Do they mean to say that women are simply caretakers by birth? Servants? That we are “obliged” to take care of our husbands? Well, aren’t husbands supposed to take care of their wives as well? Isn’t that what the whole institution of marriage is based on – mutual give and take? But no, it is only the women who have any “duties” at all; men have the freedom to do what they wish to, being the “superior sex”. Women are not supposed to have dreams, ambitions, aspirations. They are not human. They don’t have the right to live a happy, peaceful, successful life.feminism

I like to believe that I am not a radical feminist and that careless behaviour cannot be pardoned. Women do stupid things occasionally, I admit, but at the same time, the victim is NEVER ASKING FOR IT.

So it “ignites lust” in men. It is “natural”, they say. And it is humane and natural, according to them, for men to demand that they get the sex they “naturally deserve”; that it is their birthright. Well, what about a woman’s right to her own body, her own SELF? “Social etiquette”, also known as “common sense”, includes “controlling unwanted sexual advances”. NOBODY has the right to ANYONE ELSE’S body, whether a woman or a man or our hermaphrodite friends; whether in a sexual or non-sexual way.

It is up to a woman who she wants to reveal her body to. Her husband has no “right” or “power” over her. The way these honourable men say it, it’s as though all women step out of their houses wearing next to nothing. Who goes out naked in public, man? Nobody does! But then, that’s what men think about feminists; that all they are fighting for is the right to walk around naked on streets without being noticed and be “slutty”. Sadly, that is the utterly uninformed impression these men have formed of the movement.

Then comes the talk about traditional clothes. Well, are sarees not revealing? Do they not make a woman look desirable? A saree is one of the most figure-defining attires in the world, also one of the most feminine and graceful. You think a woman should be ashamed of being eve teased because she’s looking attractive? WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN? It’s not as though a man is introduced to a woman’s anatomy only through women “revealing their bodies in public”; he is introduced to it through education, pornography, social life…there are so many factors. Foreign nations which have a supposedly “broader” and “immoral”(yes, that word is actually used) mindset are not free from rapes either. Neither are muslim countries where a woman is forced to live under an ever-prevalent black shadow. How does your theory fit there?

I’m still at a loss for words, having read these men’s comments; men who reflect an alarming large percentage of our society. They seem to believe that a woman has no right to her life, her body, her happiness and her freedom the way as a man does. They do not comprehend that she is not a commodity; she is not a slave to be exchanged by marriage to work for her husband all her life and disregard her own dreams, ambitions and aspirations. We all have social responsibilities and yes, it is important that we put our families first in whatever we do. If you are a daughter, a wife or a mother, you are responsible for the well being of your family, as are they for you. If she is “obliged” to her husband, he is to her too. He is obliged to take care of her and keep her happy, as is she. She is a human being too. She has feelings too. She has rights too.

But we all know the fate of human rights in today’s world, don’t we.


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