(Un)Resolvable Differences

There are times in life when a big red Stop sign is thrust into your face and everything comes to a screeching halt. The moment grabs you by the ankles, hangs you upside down and drops you on your head.

Or so would seem a plausible explanation for the utter psychological upheaval that characterises these events.

It was at such a time that she realised the true gravity of a supposedly harmless situation. She thought she knew him, but all along she’d been as far as possible from the truth. He didn’t think like her, feel like her, react like her, love like her; he was the exact opposite of everything she had ever thought herself to be. The exact antithesis of her own being. His world spun on a different axis, while hers waltzed wistfully on a stage of dreams.

Call it a conflict of interests or what have you, but the contrast was too stark to be ignored. She couldn’t fully comprehend that one could harbour affection with no want/need to express it. That what most would call “taking someone for granted” was actually just simple human nature. We are creatures of habit and she was used to being chosen over everyone else; used to the relentless pursuit. Shallow though it may seem, it was tough for her to accept his sudden prioritization of practicality over humoring her.

These are trying times. You feel your instincts fail you and you can’t look at anything the same way again. A quiet hurricane rages in your head while clammy hands pull you into the dark abyss of uncertainty where Chaos reigns.

But through the eye of the storm you see a glimmer of sunshine. A light that brings a sliver of hope and positivity.

If you value companionship over all your differences, you must do the seemingly impossible and let go. Let go of the budding romance you are so desperately trying to hold on to for fear of it turning stale. Everything seems inadequate compared to your head full of dreamy expectations and ideal situations, but that very inadequacy may be the most favourable course in reality. Any number of promise rings or white carnations will seem petty and insignificant in the grander course of things. For this grander course aims at nothing but a subconscious tranquillity; a prevailing state of contentment.

So what do you do when you realise you’ve fallen irrevocably in love with the very antithesis of your own being?
You simply smile and let go.


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